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Automated nucleic acid extraction system

Maelstrom™ 8 Autostage Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System

Revolutionizing Magnetic Bead Handling

Automated nucleic acid extraction system.

  • Fully automated, high quality system with specialized mixing approach

  • Handles up to 8 samples per run

  • Light and easy to move

  • Temperature controllable from room temperature up to 110°C

  • Programmable with Mixing, Collection, Pause and Vapor Modes

  • All parameters are adjustable in each mode:
    Time, Mode, Speed, Working Well, Working volume, Temperature

  • Programmable with up to 40 steps in one program

  • Stores up to 50 programs

Principle of Nucleic Acid Extraction

nucleic acid extraction

Step 1: Activate beads

nucleic acid extraction

Step 2: Mix sample with Lysis Buffer

nucleic acid extraction

Step 3: Mix sample with beads

nucleic acid extraction

Step 4: Wash bead-DNA from #2 ~ #5 well

nucleic acid extraction

Step 5: Elute DNA

nucleic acid extraction

Step 6: Release beads

nucleic acid extraction
Automated nucleic acid extraction system


  • Eliminates human error, ensures quality consistency, decreases processing times.

  • An open system for a broad range of magnetic beads based reagent kits.

Automated nucleic acid extraction system


  • Whirl stirring mixing technology eliminates cross contamination.

  • Processing volume up to 1,500 µl.

  • Spin tips stir magnetic beads at speeds up to 3000 rpm.

Automated nucleic acid extraction system


  • Intuitive user interface and easy menu navigation.

  • Data exchange via USB connected with laptop.

  • A portable device that can be used from lab to field.

Automated nucleic acid extraction system


  • 3,000 gauss magnetic rods efficiently collect magnetic beads.

  • Automation of complicated manual steps.

  • The rotary mixing technology reduces the extraction time.

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