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Clear-Raze™ UVC Wand

A disinfecting handheld UVC wand, which kills over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in as little as 10 seconds. 


The Clear-Raze sanitizes better than standard disinfectants, reduces waste, reduces the use of harsh chemicals and saves you money!

lab quality wand

This commercial UVC wand has been third party laboratory validated. It operates on 120V or 220V and offers 180 degrees of coverage.

Precise wavelenth

The Clear-Raze™ provides UV radiation with a wavelength of 254nm.

UVC light at 254nm is proven to destroy bacteria and viruses by altering their DNA.

Unique built-in Sensor

Clear-Raze™ UVC wands contain a unique built-in tilt

sensor, which protects operators by requiring that the wand is facing down before the UVC light is


Flourescent Bulb

The disinfection wand is equipped with a UVC fluorescent bulb, this system offers 18 watts of output within the 200nm - 280nm UVC range (253.7nm).

large clear-raze photo2.jpg

18 watt 254nm

UVC Bulb

12 volt DC Input

For Included AC Power Adapter 




Suitable For Hanging 

Tilt Angle Cut-Off


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