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Digital Stirring Hotplate

This product is ideal for general lab applications such as mixing reagents and stirring bacteriological cultures. The hot plate is made of high grade aluminum alloy with an anodized surface which is resistant to corrosion. The aluminum body and brushless motor provide maintenance free operation.

  • Brushless DC motor provides accurate stirring speed and maintenance free operation

  • Strong magnets prevent loss of stirring speed

  • Warning light flashes when plate is hot

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stirrer bars

  • 6 x 15mm

  • 0.24 x 0.59"


  • 7 x 20mm

  • 0.28 x 0.79"

stirrer bar.png

Medium  Stirrer Bars

  • 8 x 50mm

  • 0.31 x 1.97"


  • 10 x 40mm

  • 0.39 x 1.57"

stirrer bar.png


Stirrer bars

  • 12 x 30mm

  • 0.47 x 1.18"


  • 12 x 50mm

  • 0.47 x 1.97"

stir bar retriever.png

Stir bar retrievers

  • 7 x 300mm

  • 0.28 x 11.81"

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Only takes 8 minutes to go from ambient to 300°C  


Anodized surface keeps it resistant to corrosion

Dimensions (WxDxH)





Automatic Shut off

When plate's temperature exceeds 350°C or no indication of temperature rise after 30 seconds of heating