dual Channel Real-Time PCR

Dual Channel qPCR


  • Fast, compact and an intuitive platform for point-of-care molecular diagnostics.

  • Rapid output - 40 Cycles in 20 Minutes.

  • Intuitive user interface with LCD touch panel.

  • Compact design is ideal for point-of-care testing.

  • Improved temperature accuracy and uniformity.

  • Dual detection channels (FAM/ROX) available.


  • Low power consumption.

  • Battery operation option.

  • The microfluidic chip based PCR method has a compact and sophisticated hardware mechanism which dramatically reduces the TAT of PCR testing to under 20 minutes.

  • The unique polymer chip enables a faster thermal treatment of the samples in comparison to conventional PCR instruments.


  • The thermal cycling mechanism achieves 8°C/sec ramping rate for both heating and cooling. 

  • The unique test format and state-of-the-art hardware technology make the PCR tests faster than ever.

  • The UF-300 GENECHECKER™ provides unique, ultra-fast reactions, as well as improved temperature accuracy and uniformity.


  • This real time PCR thermal cycler has dual detection channels (FAM/ROX) for the application demanding internal controls of the test.

  • The UF-300 GENECHECKER™ has a touch panel interface so that users can intuitively set the parameters and instantly run tests.

  • This 8 inch sized panel is made of TFT display to provide a brighter view and a faster response.


  • The intuitive user interface makes testing simple and easy.

  • The main screen consists of four simple menus. 

  • Test protocols can be programmed and easily reviewed by the user.

  • For a simplified analysis, real-time reaction curves are displayed in the same format as other real-time PCR instruments.