gdna extraction kits

gDNA Extraction


  • The Rapi:Prep™ gDNA Extraction Kit provides a fast and simple method to isolate genomic DNA from various animal tissues, cultured cells and bacteria.

  • Fast, easy spin column allows for the entire process to be completed in only 20 Minutes!

  • For use with SMARTCHEK® food pathogen testing kits.


  • This kit applies silica-membrane technology to eliminate the cumbersome steps associated with loose resins or slurries.

  • The Silica-membrane based spin column also allows for efficient extraction!



  • The kit is ready for use and can purify the genomic DNA from a wide variety of animal cell and tissue samples.

  • Isolation of high quality genomic DNA for high yield PCR amplification.


  • Format : Silica-membrane based spin column

  • Sample materials : < 25mg tissue, 102~106 cultured cells

  • Typical yield : 10~35 μg (depending on sample)

  • Elution volume : 50~100 μl

  • Duration of process : < 20 minutes


  • Test set-up : Genomic DNA was purified from 20mg of animal tissue using Rapi:Prep™ gDNA Extraction Kit and extraction kits from 4 different competitors respectively. 7μl of the eluate (elution volume: 50 μl) were analyzed on a 1.5% agarose gel.