master mixes


  • Optimized for ultra-fast reaction with GENECHECKER™

  • High sensitivity, efficiency, reproducibility and minimized PCR inhibition

  • Uses novel antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerases

  • Options are available for general thermal cycling, real-time analysis and one-step RT-PCR


  • Reliable reagent technology is another key component to perform ultra-fast amplification and detection of genes in PCR applications.

  • Genesystem offers a series of PCR master mixes for ultra-fast PCR tasks using GENECHECKER™.

  • Depending on the application, three different formats are available for immediate and easy use for your PCR applications.


  • The Series of master mixes for Genesystem are a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail containing all components, except primers and template, for ultra-fast PCR tasks.

  • The master mix for real-time detection includes a double strand DNA specific-binding fluorescent dye and also there is a reverse transcriptase available for one-step RT-PCR applications.


  • The Uracil-DNA glycosylase with dUTP system is applied to these PCR premixes for the prevention of carryover contamination.

  • All the master mixes of Genesystem have been optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity and robust fluorescent signal using fast cycling protocols for dye-based detection in ultra-fast real-time PCR using GENECHECKER™.



    • Components : Volume

    • DNA Template : Your Volume

    • 2x Master Mix : 5μl

    • Forward Primer (5-10 pmoles/μl) : 1μl

    • Reverse Primer (5-10 pmoles/μl) : 1μl

    • D.W. : Adjust to Final 10μl