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  • The Best Tool to Make Your QPCR Diagnostics Application Faster and Easier

  • Perfect for Food and Beverage Applications Like Pathogen and GMO testing

  • Wide Uses Include General Research and Education

  • Free Dedicated Software and Simple to Program

  • Affordable, Innovative and Ultra-Fast


  • GENECHECKER™ has adopted a special polymer microfluidic chip (Rapi:chip™) which has 10 wells and enables much faster thermal transfer to the samples when compared to conventional PCR tubes or plates. The thermal cycling mechanism of GENECHECKER™ achieves 8°C/sec ramping rate for both heating and cooling.

  • 30 Cycles in as little as 12 Minutes

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  • The Integrated camera module of GENECHECKER™ fully monitors and records the fluorescence signal of each sample and the recorded fluorescence values are processed and displayed by GENERECORDER software. Using this unique data analysis method, GENECHECKER™ provides very precise results compared to conventional real-time PCR instruments in the market which are collecting fluorescence data through an optical scanning method.

Energy efficient

  • Uses only 70 watts of power, up to 10 times less than comparable units

  • ​​GENERECORDER provides amplification curves, melting curves and melting peaks for easy analysis.

  • GENECHECKER comes with GENERECORDER software and is easily  installed. No user’s calibration is needed to run the instrument.


  • Ct values depending on DNA quantity are displayed on the GENERECORDER software. Threshold values are automatically scaled, but user can also set values. Tm values are also displayed.

  • User can select sample of which curves need to be displayed.

  • After 15 cycles, the curves are automatically displayed. 

  • By comparing melting curves and peaks, user can confirm that PCR products of each well are its target gene or not.