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ScanSmart EBT™ Kiosk

The ScanSmart EBT™ kiosk is a touchless station with a highly accurate thermal imaging camera that automatically detects body temperature in seconds and reinforces mask-wearing and hand-sanitizing protocols.


Modern technologies such as advanced AI edge computing, ambient compensation and averaging algorithms are incorporated into the system. It also includes real-time alerts, door access control, badge ID capture, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) functionality to manage your fleet of stations and analyze the collected, anonymized data in the cloud.

Accurate thermal imaging

Precise thermal imaging sensors for contactless temperature monitoring. Scan for elevated body temperatures within 1-3 seconds with thermal sensitivity below 50mk to be aligned with FDA guidelines for EBT measurement.

Manage from anywhere

Embedded software to configure, collect, analyze, control, display and communicate anonymized data. Integrate the kiosk into enterprise or cloud systems, and manage your fleet of kiosks from anywhere using a simple web browser.

Policy compliance

Optional hand sanitizer or wipe dispenser holder for policy compliance.

Hands-free interactive kiosk designed to accommodate most body heights. Designed to align with American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Real-time Alerts

Optional door-lock, turnstile, gate access controls.

Optional RFID/barcode badge reader and guest badge/label printer.

Visual and audible indicators with real-time email & text alerts.


Fully customizable

informative and

intuitive display

Automatic Detection

Immediately detects person in front of kiosk  


State-of-art thermal imaging 

Hi-res 13" LCD monitor

with built-in speakers and tilt feature

Home Screen

Returns here within seconds after scanning for discretion

Optional Configurations

Countertop and wall-mount options

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