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  • Picodrop provides the ultimate solution to microliter spectrophotometry: use samples down to 2uL and even recover your sample after use. 

  • Picodrop uses a unique patented design which for the first time allows UV/Vis measurements to be taken directly through the pipette tip! 

  • The Picodrop is used by all Life Scientists working with DNA, RNA, Proteins, Microarray dyes and Cell Cultures.


Sample recovery

  • Most Molecular Biology assays require an initial assessment of sample concentration and purity before subsequent dilutions and downstream processing can commence. Typically samples have been measured in cuvettes requiring significant dilution of sample before sufficient volume can be produced to allow measurement in a 10mm cuvette (typically 150ul-1ml). The introduction of microlitre spectrophotometers has enabled the user to test samples directly using only 2ul thereby avoiding the need to dilute sample. 

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clear results

  • Designed for LifeScience – DNA, RNA and Protein quantification. Advanced applications include Microarray, cell culture analysis and kinetics. Includes user designed programs and general spectrophotometry applications, including kinetics, providing ultimate flexibility 

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  • Unique disposable pipette tip only 2µl sample volume required offering sample containment and recovery thereby reducing possible lab contamination and sample crossover. Zero cross contamination – Easily recover 100% of sample. 

  • Built in screen for ease of use and clear display of results and USB connection to PC for network connectivity, if required. 

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low cost

  • Flexible data export options including Built-In Printer, SD card and Wireless Bluetooth capability 

  • Low operating costs – No servicing required - No cleaning necessary after each sample measurement 

  • Use UVpette tip or cuvettes for ultimate assay flexibility