temperature monitoring

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  • CAP, CLIA, CFR 21 Part 11, ISO 9001 & ISO 17025 (calibration) 

  • Continuous temperature monitoring and permanent data logging offsite every two minutes

  • Web-based graphs and/or downloads of temperatures for any time interval

  • All temperature alarms/alerts are permanently logged along with non-editable staff notes on remedial actions

  • Custom compliance reports 

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  • No onsite server costs, no software updates required

  • Low installation costs – wireless sensor modules, self-configuring

  • Internet-of-Things architecture – low cost sensors, cloud servers

  • Sensors start logging data when plugged in

  • Installation can be done by lab personnel or facilities staff

  • Online user training, typically 30-45 minutes

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  • All sensor readings encrypted from probe to Coris servers

  • Patented security features help prevent hacking

  • No hole in local network firewall required for remote access

  • IT departments endorse this solution

  • Web-based user interface, simple to learn and use

  • Establish temperature thresholds by type of freezer or by individual freezer

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  • Set alert recipients and notification methods (text, email, voice) and customize sensor names

  • Coris team assists lab personnel in protecting their specimens and refrigerated appliances by monitoring temperatures and alerts 24/7 

  • Coris team notifies appropriate lab personnel (staff, facilities, IT, repair, etc.) based on conditions

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  • Low cost per Sensor

    • -86°C FreezersLN2 Tanks

  • Very low cost per Sensor

    • -20°C Freezers+4°C Refrigeration, Walk-InsCold Room, Incubators, Humidity