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Precisa 520 Analytical Balances

Series 520 Analytical Balances

Innovative & Sustainable

Leading specialists and scientists around the world place their trust in all types of Precisa balances and have done so for decades. Scientific laboratory and industrial technicians know these balances provide significant, consistent results and technicians shouldn’t have to ever compromise on their equipment in their field of work.

  • Series 520 Precision Balances

    • PHASTbloc™ weighing cell - easily maintained and sustainable

    • Affordably priced and intuitively designed

    • Capacity up to 4200 g

    • Readability of 0.001 g or 0.01 g

Precisa balances are prime examples of Swiss precision, accuracy, and reliability. 

They are tried and tested in both demanding laboratory environments and industrial applications and are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. Precisa invests continuously in developing new technologies and the result is a state-of-the-art range of precision instruments for the most exacting demands.

PHASTbloc in Balance

Hybrid Weighing Cell

The versatile Series 520 Precision balances contain the innovative PHASTbloc™. This advanced weighing technology is the culmination of over 40 years of knowledge and experience and unites the benefits of a conventional weighing cell and monolithic design. This enables the efficient maintenance and repair of a weighing cell instead of replacing it – sustainability in practice. Advanced materials, engineering and unique manufacturing methods elevate the quality and performance.

Both the PT and the PB precision analytical balances feature the new Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell and have a robust & durable design suitable for an extensive range of applications and easy operation. With USB connectivity as standard, the 520 series weighing scales allow for an easy transfer of data. The PT range has a large touch screen, electronic leveling and stores an integrated audit trail, perfect for use with GLP/GMP quality systems for full traceability. The PB range is suitable for laboratories, education, research, pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, light and consumer goods industries.

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