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prepASH® Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Maximize Time & Accuracy

The prepASH® thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) automatically measures moisture, ash and loss on ignition at reduced workload and costs. Combining furnace, high precision balance and automation, the prepASH Series enables a huge reduction in workload through the simultaneous TGA analysis of moisture, ash and volatiles content. 

  • Space for 29, 19 or 12 samples

  • Readability of 0.0001 g and capacity 120 g

  • Fully automatic thermo-gravimetric analysis operating at temperatures of up to 1000 °C

  • Touch screen controls

  • Complies with ASTM D7582

Quality Management Protocol

The prepASH thermogravimetric analyzers work autonomously as stand-alone-units and offer full control and documentation. They display the weight loss of each individual sample during the program steps and display these on the colour Touch Screen display. Beyond that all models can be connected though Ethernet interface to the network and be remotely monitored by means of prepDATA software on the PC. The results are calculated as losses or residuals in respect of weighing-in or pre-interval values (e.g. dry mass). The user may choose between %, ‰, g/kg, g.

  • User identification with password at different access levels

  • Hardware/Software and adjusting information; printed on each report

  • Audit Trail

Precisa Ash Thermogravimetric Analyzer Open

Fully Automated

The TGA thermogravimetric analyzer works completely autonomously once it is loaded and started. This offers the user a completely new time management option as the thermogravimetric analysis can be run at different time periods which could not previously be used (e.g. at night). By the permanent recording of the measurements during the entire process and the automatic storage of the final results, the TGA test results are available at any time.

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