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LabBee Checkit Go Volume Accuracy Device

Verification On The Spot

The LabBee Checkit Go is a simple, stand-alone, disposable cartridge that allows you to check the accuracy of your liquid handling robot or multi-channel pipette in less than 10 seconds. No additional equipment is required.

Labbee Checkit Go

Key Features

  • Measures the dispensed volumes of up to 8 channels simultaneously

  • Directly measures the volume dispensed compared to other indirect methods (such as the colorimetric and gravimetric methods)

  • Measurements are guaranteed to be accurate within 2% 

  • Compatible with all brands of multi-channel pipettes and electronic pipettes

  • Compatible with all liquid handlers that handle well plates

  • No capital investment needed

  • No annual maintenance costs

  • Fraction of the cost of unnecessary calibration

  • No staff training hours required

Labbee Checkit Go

3 Simple Steps

  • Dispense the dye into the wells on the flip side of the cartridge.

  • Flip the tab (or have the robot do it)

  • Check and compare the level of the dye against the graduations  

Labbee Checkit Go


  • Facilitates the measurement of solutions with differing viscosities

    • Up to 10% DMSO

    • Up to 10% Ethanol

    • Up to 10% Glycerol

    • 100% Serum

    • 100% Plasma


Pipette Tips

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