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"It has been a delight working with Victory Scientific and in particular their customer service. We needed a UV-C Wand that could accommodate the quick, easy and non-chemical method of disinfecting computer keyboards, mice and musical keyboards. Our customer service representative gave us the detailed information we required and was able to direct a shipment quickly and efficiently. The first 6 wands worked so well, we ordered another 6. We especially appreciate the positive customer service considering the obvious difficulties caused by this Covid condition."

Ken Stromsland, CEFM

Director of Plant, Operations and Maintenance

Holmdel Public Schools

"After a satisfactory test of the (PCR) system, we bought one unit, it was very affordable. The (unit) is a very small, portable PCR machine. Our company has a patented technology called Visual-PCR in which PCR changes colors along reaction. The sharp color change is then observed by naked eyes, and thus gel electrophoresis is eliminated. Powered by the (PCR) system, our Visual-PCR becomes an ultra-fast, affordable and portable POCT (point-of-care test) platform. I am very pleased to couple (the PCR unit) with our Visual-PCR, and would be very happy to recommend it."

George Zhu

President of GM Biosciences

"Food safety is paramount to our business’ sustainability. We have worked diligently for many years to create and maintain robust programs that cover everything from seed to finished product. Our food safety programs are validated by our testing protocols at the packing plant. We have utilized PCR level testing for over ten years and that has been a tremendous asset in verifying that our up-stream programs are effective at reducing the likelihood of microbial contamination. The early days of PCR were expensive both in equipment costs as well as the necessary consumables to operate a thorough testing program.

We are excited about the future growth potential of on-farm PCR level testing that the (qPCR) will provide. The fresh produce industry has been waiting for the technology curve/price curve to kick in on this technology. Victory Scientific has helped clear this hurdle in a meaningful way!

What has proven exciting for us is the ability to maintain the robustness of the testing protocols at a much lower price point. We believe strongly that these advances provide many more farms the opportunity to test on-farm and greatly decrease the likelihood of food-borne illness outbreaks that are so devastating to consumers and the industry. We would like to thank and congratulate Victory Scientific on this profound advancement for the fresh produce industry."  

COO of a large agricultural company

"While at an on campus vendor show, I met the representatives from Victory Scientific for the first time. I was immediately interested in their (PCR unit), which would greatly improve my research efficiency. 

The machine itself is also easy to program. The master mix works very well, and the PCR product yields are equivalent to a traditional thermal cycler. Importantly, reactions using other DNA polymerases can be performed using this machine. The machine itself is very reasonably priced, and the consumables needed are on par with standard PCR supplies.

Finally, Victory Scientific has been an absolute pleasure to work with from the beginning they have been outstanding, answering all of my technical support questions in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend the (PCR) unit for anyone looking for a quality PCR machine for a reasonable price that will save time in the lab, from a company that is easy and pleasant to work with."

Dr. Valarie Carabetta

Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, NJ

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