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Moisture Analyzers

Series 365 EM, 330 XM and 335 XM

All models provide fast, error-free moisture analysis, using highest degrees of measurement performance and precision. Simple to use and service-friendly to maintain, these Moisture Analyzers are the result of Swiss precision in engineering and production, which guarantees reliability, robustness and an extensive life of error-free operation at highest levels of precision.

  • Readability of 0.0001 g or 0.001 g

  • Temperatures up to 230 °C

  • User friendly operation

  • Easy to read display

High Performance Moisture Analyzers

Moisture and water content have a defining influence on the quality and processing of materials, as well as on the price of raw materials and finished products in many industries including food, animal feeds, chemical and pharmaceutical products, construction materials etc.

The use of compact and robust precision moisture analyzers in the laboratory and in production increases efficiency and saves time and costs. Furthermore, productivity is enhanced by the fully automatic moisture analysis of samples, and the corresponding generation of measurement documentation.​

Series 365 EM Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Analyzer with Halogen

Key Highlights

The model EM120-HR Series 365 moisture analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers an outstanding array of additional options.​

  • Capacity of 124 g

  • Choice of radiation heat source: halogen, infrared or dark radiator.

  • A compact footprint & highly informative display and data retrieval, provides ease of use and simplicity in operation for all users of this moisture content analyzer.

  • Generous memory capacity, with storage for up to 100 methods.

  • Large graphical user interface with options to change display to show method parameters, results and graphical representation of moisture loss over the course of the analysis.

  • High Performance Moisture Analyzers

Series 330/5 XM Moisture Analyzers

Precisa Moisture Analyzers 330 Range

Key Highlights

The high-end Series 330 XM and 335 XM moisture analyzers are suited to users who require only a limited number of methods. These moisture content analyzers are robust, provide a high degree of precision and are simple to operate.

  • The series features 4 different models to cover a wide range of applications

  • Capacity up to 310 g

  • Readability 0.001 % / 0.01 %

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