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qPCR Master Mix

qPCR Master Mix

Unlocking Precision in Every Drop

Elevate your diagnostic potential with our superior qPCR master mixes. Our range of sensitive and accurate qPCR master mixes offer unique enzyme/buffer combinations that allow you to get the best from your testing. Our qPCR master mixes are developed to suit you and your testing requirements.

The qPCR Master Mixes provide:

  • Fast results

  • Optimal multiplexing capabilities

  • Reliability 

  • Cost-effective testing processes

Suitable Across All Sectors & For All qPCR applications

The lyophilised Master Mixes provide superior quality and performance. Lyophilisation allows a more flexible approach to qPCR set up and reagent storage for a wide range of applications across sectors.

qPCR Master Mix

oasig™ Standard Lyophilised Master Mix

Application: For a variety of assays such as gene expression studies from cDNA, pathogen detection (bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses, parasites), genotyping and genomic target detection. Compatible with probe-based assays.

Product Features:

  • For use with DNA pathogens

  • Suitable for multiplexing

  • Broad detection range

  • Exceptional data quality

  • Suitable for all qPCR machines

  • Lyophilised - no need for cold chain shipping

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