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Series 390 Semi-Micro &
Analytical Balances

With the Series 390 Analytical Balances and Semi-Micro range, Precisa is setting new standards with extremely accurate and durable balances that offer touch screen technology, frameless automatic draft shield, self-linearization, and self-calibration. The balances provide consistent results and with the easy-to-use menu, you will be familiar with your unique analytical balance or semi-micro balance within minutes.


Series 390 Analytical & Semi-Micro Balances:

  • Capacity up to 225 g for semi-micro balances and up to 520 g for analytical balances

  • Readability of 0.01 mg or 0.1 mg for semi-micro balances and 0.1 mg for analytical balances

  • Digital Touchscreen interface

  • Ultra-low weighing pan for ergonomic use

Precisa balances are prime examples of Swiss precision, accuracy, and reliability. 

They are tried and tested in both demanding laboratory environments and industrial applications and are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. Precisa invests continuously in developing new technologies and the result is a state-of-the-art range of precision instruments for the most exacting demands.

Precisa 390 Balance Touchscreen

Efficient Touchscreen

All balance functions are available at your fingertips on this smart and bright color touchscreen. With built-in color logic, all the touch active surfaces – marked by a key or a selection are drafted in blue. The balance user interface is intuitive and easy to operate. Tap on the touch active, blue colored button and swipe with ease. There is no way to get lost with the “Home” button that is always available, which takes you conveniently back to the start.

  • 7” anti-reflective display

  • Shock and scratch resistant

  • Approved to operate with standard laboratory gloves

  • UV resistant

  • No buffering effects

  • Frameless for easy cleaning

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