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Precisa Balances 520 PB Range

Series 520 PB 
Analytical Balance

Innovative, Sustainable & Proven

The PB model features a simpler design with an LCD display and five quick access, high-quality mechanical membrane keys which guarantee longevity and a tactile feel with clearly noticeable feedback to the user.


Series 520 PB Precision Balance Features:

  • Revolutionary Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell

  • Robust and durable design

  • Large and easy to read LCD display

  • Clear and simple 5 Key Membrane Keypad 

  • Extensive Range of Applications

Precisa balances are prime examples of Swiss precision, accuracy, and reliability. 

They are tried and tested in both demanding laboratory environments and industrial applications and are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. Precisa invests continuously in developing new technologies and the result is a state-of-the-art range of precision instruments for the most exacting demands.

PHASTbloc in Balance

Weighing Cell

The innovative and award-winning PHASTbloc™ makes the 520 PB Series different. This advanced hybrid weighing cell technology unites the benefits of a conventional weighing cell and monolithic design. This enables the efficient maintenance and repair of a weighing cell instead of replacing it – sustainability in practice. Advanced materials, engineering and unique manufacturing methods elevate the quality and performance.

The new, revolutionary Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell is robust and durable. It contains less weighing parts than the competition and is easily maintained. This sturdy series outlasts other balances. All this makes the PHASTbloc™ weighing cell the most ecological and economical weighing cell of its kind without compromising on performance.

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