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Pipette Tips

LabBee Pipette Tips 

Universal Manual & Robotic Tips

  • ISO-Certified Manufacturing

  • Precise Results

  • Always Available

  • The highest quality & economical pricing

Pipette Tips

Key Features

  • Sterile, filtered tips

  • USP Class VI 100% Virgin Polypropylene, free of heavy metal

  • Made in 100,000 Class Clean Room

  • Certified free of RNase, DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen, ATP, and Endotoxin

  • Tolerable temperatures: –80°C to +121°C

  • Sterilization: E-Beam, SAL 10-⁶

  • Autoclavable pipette tips (121°C/15psi for 20 minutes)

  • Shelf Life: 3 years after sterilization

  • Hinged lid rack allows for one-handed access to the tips, eliminating any potential spills and maximizing productivity

  • Designed to meet the highest standards of precision and clarity

pipette tips

universal manual pipette tips

  • Universal fit for most pipette brands 

  • Proprietary hydrophobic filter made from ultra-high-density polyethylene

pipette tips

Automated pipette tips

  • Tecan/Hamilton compatible

  • Not only are the tips sterile and filtered but they are also conductive


Labbee Checkit Go

LabBee Checkit Go

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