Frequently asked questions

Do you need to use the Master Mix from Victory Scientific with the machines?

It is not required. Some people have used other mixes and they work well, they just tend to be slower and need more optimization with the units.

Can you use the 16 well Rapi:Chip in the UF-150?

No, you must use the 10 well. The unit is programmed to only “see” the 10 well Rapi:Chip which you can see in the Generecorder software.

Can you use less than 10 samples in the UF-150?

Yes, provided you fill the non-used wells with water to prevent reflection from the light source.

Can you reuse the Rapi:Chips once you’ve used them?

No, they are designed to be disposable.

Does the unit (UF-100 or UF-150) need to be calibrated each year?

No, because of the unique design, the PCR machine needs minimal maintenance and remains in calibration. However, if you want to validate the units, a validation kit is available.

Can the Clear-Raze UVC Wand be used instead of chemicals?

Yes, in fact most people prefer it over chemicals due to the fact it has no residue or allergens, it is better for the environment, and saves money over time.

Can the Clear-Raze UVC Wand be used to disinfect people?

No, the strength of the UV rays can be harmful when shined directly on people, which is why goggles are issued with the wand and proper PPE should be used when operating the wand. It is meant for inanimate objects such as furniture, electronics, fabrics, etc.

Is the Clear-Raze UVC Wand EPA or FDA approved?

The EPA does not routinely review the efficacy of UV lights, it reviews chemical disinfectants. The CDC does state that Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is a promising method for decontamination. The FDA recommends if the device includes a UV lamp, that the manufacturer evaluate whether the product controls for time, UV radiation dose, and intensity of UV dose, and validates the cleaning and disinfection procedures. Therefore, we have had our product third-party laboratory tested, which has validated the wand. Please reach out for a copy of the results if required.