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The SmartRack® Primus
Lab Organization System

Making Laboratories Safer & More Efficient

The SmartRack® creates the optimal working environment for your laboratory through lab organization, the SmartRack® ​is the first and world's only modular organization system for laboratory workstations in which a wide variety of laboratory accessories can be stored.​

The SmartRack® primus is a budget-friendly, entry-level version into the smart world of laboratory equipment. It was developed for use in many different laboratory workstations and in particular for fume cupboards. 

The SmartRack® Provides:

  • Lab organization

  • A space-saving solution

  • Efficiency

  • Safety

Discover the Essential Role of SmartRack® in Elevating Your Laboratory Environment

The flexible lab organization system helps you improve safety when working and increases your team's safety in the lab. It also helps you achieve higher quality and be more innovative and efficient in your work. For example, using the SmartRack® reduces walking distances and speeds up workstation cleaning. Assembling and reconfiguring test set-ups is also made significantly easier.


Whether you work in the field of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy or medicine, the SmartRack® represents the innovative standard for every modern laboratory workstation. 

The SmartRack® primus consists of an uncoated, sanded aluminum frame. Every third slot rail holder on both sides of the SmartRack® primus frame has a recess on the front that makes it easier to align the slot rails horizontally. The SmartRack® primus offers seamless compatibility with all our modular solutions.

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Did you know in 2018 alone, more than 15,000 accidents at work were reported in the chemical industry? The resulting costs and lost working hours are huge and could be avoided through better safety at work and better working conditions. The SmartRack® helps achieve improved conditions by offering the highest level of safety through its stable metal frame and integrated anti-tip protection for the entire SmartRack®. The modules are securely attached into the slot rails of the SmartRack® by a click mechanism, ensuring all samples and devices are securely fixed.


  • Shortage of space

  • Time pressure


  • Disorganization

  • Accidents

  • Sample mix-ups

  • Sample loss

  • Stress


The SmartRack® -

the organization system for every laboratory


  • Improved safety

  • Increased efficiency

  • Lab organization

  • Clarity

  • Flexibility

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The SmartRack® Primus

  • A robust, brushed aluminum frame

  • Two slot rails with handles

  • Two fixed, screwed feet made of high-quality aluminium
    (the rear parts of the feet are not removable)

  • No drip tray


The SmartRack® primus: 635 x 615 x 265 mm 

The SmartRack® primus mini: 450 x 380 x 265 mm 

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The SmartRack® Classic

  • A sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frame

  • Three slot rails with handles

  • Two durable 3D-SLS-printed, height-adjustable feet with tray support (the rear parts of the feet are removable)

  • A drip tray

The SmartRack® classic: 600 x 600 x 400mm 

The SmartRack® classic mini: 300 x 300 x 200 mm 

Comparison of The SmartRack® Primus vs. Classic

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