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MyGo® Mini S 
Real-Time PCR Instrument

  • ​A revolutionary & affordable PCR instrument.

  • An innovative design and high portability.

  • Powerful DNA and RNA testing.

  • Straightforward setup and editing of sample & target information.

  • Exemplary for detection & quantification of a wide range of targets from human, veterinary and food pathogenic profiles.

Variety of Kits

  •  Detection kits available for numerous applications and access to hundreds of bespoke catalogue kits.

  •  14 samples can be run at a single time with the addition of x1 positive and x1 negative control.

  • Quick start templates for all genesig® kit applications.

Advanced Software

  • Advanced software and excellent free technical support service.

  • Free Windows/Mac OS X and Linux operating software.

  • Minimal footprint, compatible with small workspaces, and easily portable, weighing just 2kg.

simple & fast

  • Simple and fast instrumentation to support testing needs. 

  • Automatic data analysis and interpretation.

  • Can be used in a variety of settings, providing on-site testing capability to enable faster turnaround times.

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12 volt DC Input

For Included AC Power Adapter 

What makes the MyGo® Mini S 
Real-Time PCR Instrument different?

The difference:

  • Compared to traditional units the MyGo® Mini S is very small, fast and inexpensive.

  • Easy to use for all experience levels.

  • Automatic data interpretation - no expertise required.

  • Tiny amounts of DNA (highly sensitive).

  • Very specific to target organism.


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