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Maelstrom™ Switch 8 
Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System

Revolutionizing Magnetic Bead Handling

Automated nucleic acid extraction system.

The Maelstrom™ Switch 8 uses patented magnetic beads, spin tips and reagent kits technologies, consisting of three major processes: isolation, purification and concentration.

Key features

  • Run 1 to 16 samples per run 

  • Automation of complicated manual steps

  • The rotary mixing technology reduces the extraction time

  • Can extract DNA/RNA from various sample types

  • The purified nucleic acid can be used with any downstream applications employing PCR-based qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative assays

Principle of Nucleic Acid Extraction

nucleic acid extraction

Step 1: Activate beads

nucleic acid extraction

Step 2: Mix sample with Lysis Buffer

nucleic acid extraction

Step 3: Mix sample with beads

nucleic acid extraction

Step 4: Wash bead-DNA from #2 ~ #5 well

nucleic acid extraction

Step 5: Elute DNA

nucleic acid extraction

Step 6: Release beads

nucleic acid extraction
Automated extraction system


  • The Maelstrom™ Switch 8 is a high quality, fully automated nucleic acid platform designed for flexible applications.

  • The automated extraction machine uses spin-mixing patented technology that prevents the risk of sample cross contamination. 

  • Pre-installed protocols or customize your own, with storage for up to 100 programs.

Automated extraction system

of uses

  • The automated nucleic acid extraction machine is a convenient solution which is designed with changeable gearboxes to process different volumes of samples for a variety of uses.

  • Can run 1-16 samples with processing volumes from 50-10,000 uL.

  • A convenient and portable design.

Automated extraction system

unrivaled flexibility

  • The Maelstrom™ Switch 8 combines superior instrument capabilities with the changeable gearboxes, delivering unrivaled flexibility and performance.

  • The magnetic beads based machine is compatible with Tanbead extraction kits.

  • The automated nucleic acid extraction system has a fool-proof design that prevents operation error.

Automated extraction system

boosts productivity

  • The automated extraction system is built with an intuitive interface and decreases processing times, enabling extremely quick DNA extraction and quick RNA extraction.

  • The automated nucleic acid extraction instrument can boost molecular diagnostic laboratory productivity by transforming routine operations into a walk-away solution. 

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