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Reagent kits

TANBead Reagent Kits

Revolutionizing Magnetic Bead Handling

  • Pre-filled and ready to use.

  • The reagents are pre-dispensed in sealed plates/tubes, which reduces pipetting steps and simplifies the workflow further.
  • The pre-filled plate/tube cover simply peels off; the specimen is added to the lysis plate and loaded onto the instrument for simplicity and convenience.​

  • Forget purchasing extra plates, tip combs, beads and buffers. Get it all in our ready-to-use reagent kits.

Reagent kits

Auto Plate

  • When using the Auto Plate reagent kits, 96 samples can be processed simultaneously (Maelstrom 9610) or 16 samples simultaneously on one plate (Maelstrom 4810).

Reagent kits

Auto Tube

  • When using the Auto Tube reagent kits with a base of six, you can do a minimum of 6 and up to 48 samples (Maelstrom 9610) based on the needs of the lab.

  • For the Maelstrom 4810, the minimum extraction throughput is 1 if using an auto tube, and the maximum is 8 if eight reagent strips are put onto a tube base.



Maelstrom™ 8 Autostage

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