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How to Increase the Yield of DNA Extraction

Yield is a top concern for researchers when it comes to DNA extraction. While there are plenty of methods to choose from, what is one of the most important aspects is that the end product must be pure and sufficient enough to process.

Make sure to select a good method to isolate your DNA, then prepare the lysate - when a sample is lysed correctly, then the yield also increases. Semi-automated and automated isolation methods use magnetic beads and resins, if you aren’t using an automated method then chemical and enzymatic methods would be the next best choice. The sample then must be spun well, if you spin too slow or too fast it will affect the purity and quality.

Washing the DNA is one of the most important steps for purity. Washing should be repeated up to 3 times until DNA pellets are clear. Ethanol, methanol, isopropanol or silica-binding chemistry can be used to wash the sample. The spin-column technique is very accurate.

For very small samples incubating the sample may increase yield and purity. If using a manual method of DNA extraction, you can improve the quality of DNA by using the RNase enzyme and following the manufacturer’s instructions to use in the experiments.

Using the best technology is going to help achieve purity and a good concentration of DNA, using a magnetic bead method or automated DNA extraction technique will give you the highest yield.

The purity and quality of the DNA will also depend on the instruments used, quality of chemicals and solutions used, experience of the researcher, the starting material and the sample type used.

Many labs think they can’t afford an automated DNA extraction system to give good quality DNA, but a simple ROI analysis can reveal whether or not automation is worth it for their lab. Over a short period of time, often the cost is actually less expensive than continuing the manual methods, plus you will have higher purity and yield, will save researchers so much time and since it is a walk away solution the labs will be able to complete other activities while their extraction is happening. Contact us for more information.


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