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Why Should You Use Magnetic Beads for DNA and RNA Extraction?

Old DNA and RNA extraction techniques were time-consuming with low purity and small yields, but now there are much better extraction methods. Magnetic particles can improve the efficiency of separations.

Magnetic bead-based extraction kits are available for manual or automated DNA and RNA extraction and the magnetic beads have paramagnetic properties which means they do not attract each other when not in a common magnetic field. Therefore, the beads and materials that are bound with them during the process are separated easily.

Magnetic separation easily allows the separation of nucleic acids from samples such as water, blood, bacteria, tissue and the list goes on. One of the most important things to note is that the risk of cross-contamination is very low, especially with new automation techniques.

This type of extraction is both a convenient and fast way to isolate RNA and DNA. Plus, it is a high-quality solution that is highly effective and versatile. There is no need to wash the sample prior to extraction and it is easier overall to collect nucleic acids. It is a faster and gentler method when compared to conventional techniques plus minimizes the time and cost of protein purification.

Magnetic beads can be used in many different applications, including separation, diagnostics, and therapeutics. It is ideal for downstream applications such as gene expression analysis, molecular diagnostics and biomedical research, among others. There are many advantages to using this method including very little prep, making it much more convenient especially for medium to high-throughput research.

Unlike other techniques, the Maelstrom™ 9610 High Throughput Extraction Unit and the Maelstrom™ 4810 Medium Throughput Unit’s mixing technology controls the speed via a rotary apparatus to avoid liquid splashing during extraction, eliminating cross contamination and providing higher purity and yield. Plus, they automate complicated manual steps and you don’t need to stop the unit to complete other steps, just push start and you’re set for extraction. Contact us for more information on these units plus the ready-to-use reagent kits.


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