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Cost-effective Method of DNA/RNA Extraction

Labs are always looking to establish methods that are reliable and cost-effective to perform analyses. It is also important that the methods are adaptable, and if needed scalable from low to high throughput. In extracting DNA or RNA a flexible, cost-efficient approach can be extremely important.

Many labs think that they can’t afford to automate their extraction process, however in most cases it actually will save the lab time, money and free up technicians to perform other tasks.

From 8 samples up to 96 samples, it is simple to improve the performance for applications in molecular diagnostics and life sciences. With high consistency and no cross-contamination, labs can automate complicated manual steps. We carry a line of automated extraction units that use magnetic rods to collect and transfer magnetic beads and rotating spin tips efficiently mix the suspension. Purified nucleic acids can be obtained after cell lysis, nucleic acids absorption, wash and elution. The rotary mixing technology reduces the extraction time by shortening the time for lysis and increasing the chance of the magnetic beads contacting and absorbing nucleic acid. Complete the entire run without stopping, push start and you’re set for extraction. No need to stop the unit to complete extra steps.

Simultaneously process and purify DNA/RNA samples from a wide variety of samples including tissue, blood, plant, bacteria, cell samples & more. The reagent kits are pre-dispensed in sealed plates/tubes, reducing pipetting steps and simplifying the workflow. The pre-filled plate/tube cover just peels off, the specimen is added to the lysis plate and loaded onto the instrument for simplicity and convenience. No need to purchase extra plates, tip combs, beads and buffers, it all comes in the ready-to-use reagent kits.

Want to find out if we can save your lab money by automating extraction? Request an ROI analysis and see how your lab can reap the benefits of lab automation. Remove the guesswork from your lab automation investment decision.


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