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Completely Automated DNA/RNA Extraction Systems

  • Faster & less hands-on than the leading competitors' automated extraction systems.

  • “Walk-away" extractions within 20-30 minutes, push start and the nucleic acid extraction machine does the rest.

  • Dozens of various complete ready-to-use reagent kits + custom reagent kits available. Full catalog of DNA extraction kits + RNA extraction kits.

  • Comes with pre-programmed protocols or customize your own for quick DNA extraction or quick RNA extraction. 

  • Support team will work closely with you with even the toughest protocols to ensure optimum results in your automated extraction.

  • Save money, time and improve your ROI with our DNA/RNA extraction systems.

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Extraction Machines

Maelstrom™ 9610 Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System

Automated RNA and DNA extraction system for high throughput purification. Push start and you're set for extraction and purification, it is fully automated.​

Maelstrom™ 4810 Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System

Automated RNA and DNA extraction machine for medium throughput applications. Magnetic bead-based purification eliminates cross-contamination with unique rotary mixing technology.

Maelstrom™ Switch 8 Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System

The automated nucleic acid extraction system is a convenient solution which is designed with changeable gearboxes to process different volumes of samples for a variety of uses.

Request a Return on Investment Analysis

Request a ROI analysis and see how you can reap the benefits of lab automation with a nucleic acid extraction system. Remove the guesswork from your lab automation investment decision.

nucleic acid extraction machine
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