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How to Safely Perform Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are adding another layer to the precautions taken during the time of the current pandemic. In some places, the temperature screenings are even required. However, despite what you may see at many places of business, it really is not as simple as just ordering a touchless thermometer and taking people’s temperature as they enter the establishment.

The person taking temperatures should be wearing personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, eyewear and a gown, or should stand at least 6 feet away while taking temperatures. Physical barriers to minimize the screener’s exposure are also a good protective measure, such as plastic or glass partitions that the screener can reach around or through to take temperatures, while their face remains protected behind the partition. Even if the screener does not have physical contact with the individuals it is still recommended after each screening to remove and discard PPE and wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. This person should also have proper training and understand confidentiality considerations to actually keep the place of business safe. Safety is the number one priority, but privacy and employee relations are also considerations.

These precautions are important for employee as well as employer safety and should be one of the tools to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus.

Asking employees to take their own temperatures before coming to work and require them to stay home if they have a fever or other Covid-19 symptoms is another option, however there are downsides to this as they rely on honesty and promptness in filling out the forms. The better option is to combine having those that will be coming into the workplace to self-screen prior, including asking them if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, if they are under evaluation for Covid-19 or have not been cleared to discontinue isolation, and then also temperature check upon arrival.

Another great option to avoid having personnel having to train and take temperatures of those entering the place of business, is using a touchless kiosk station to take temperatures and monitor those coming into the establishment. This relieves having to train or hire an employee to take temperatures and simplifies the process. Our ScanSmart EBT™ kiosk is a touchless station with a highly accurate thermal imaging camera that automatically detects body temperature in seconds and reinforces mask-wearing and hand-sanitizing protocols. It also includes real-time alerts, door access control, badge ID capture, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) functionality to manage your fleet of stations and analyze the collected, anonymized data in the cloud. Visit our page here to learn more.

Whatever you choose to move forward with, being prepared and informed is the most important part to keep your employees, visitors and customers safe.


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