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Why Disinfection is Important

Disinfection has an important role to play in the prevention of infection in the office and at home. It is paramount to take disinfection seriously to make sure disease and sickness do not spread anytime they are present. It is not always possible to know when dangerous pathogens are present, so preventative disinfection is essential to keep illness away.

Disinfection is the process which eliminates or inactivates pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces and objects. Disinfection helps to prevent the spread of these microorganisms, which can cause illness. Frequent disinfection is key in continuing to keep your home or place of work clean and keeping your family and employees healthy.

Cleaning with soap and water isn’t always enough, but it is an important first step to remove most dirt, organic matter and germs before disinfecting. Disinfection then kills the remaining microorganisms on the surfaces after cleaning.

These procedures are crucial in controlling the spread of disease between people, animals or between locations. The potential to spread microorganisms can come from direct or indirect contamination of equipment, facilities, people, animals, products or vehicles, and the list goes on.

Pathogens can survive on surfaces for months and can continue to be a cause of transmission if no surface disinfection is completed. Making sure to disinfect surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is crucial to prevent sickness.

Investigators have shown that mop water can become increasingly contaminated if just soap and water is used and no disinfectant is used during cleaning. This can actually spread pathogens and increase bacterial contamination on surfaces after cleaning. This is why disinfection should not be overlooked.

Effective disinfection requires not only a good disinfectant, but an effective practice. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using any disinfectant as there are different procedures to follow depending on the type of disinfectant used. Many factors can affect the disinfection process including disinfection method, the microorganism being targeted, the temperature, humidity, water hardness, pH, and the nature of the object or surface being disinfected. Following the manufacturer’s instructions ensures the best results, as well as your safety.

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