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MyGo® Pro 
Real-Time PCR Instrument

  • ​Expeditious heating and cooling makes the 
    MyGo® Pro one of the fastest qPCR instruments 
    on the market today.

  • Cutting edge design and technology.

  • Easy to transport and install. 

  • Allows analysis of up to 32 reactions in either single-tube or strip tube format. 

  • Rapid DNA and RNA analysis.

Variety of Kits

  • The MyGo® Pro can be used together with a wide range of reagents including human, vet, and food pathogens, as well as food speciation testing.

  • The MyGo® Pro has a multi-channel offering, capable of detecting all types of commonly used fluorophores. 

Advanced Software

  • The powerful MyGo® Pro software is easily installed from a USB flash drive onto any PC or Mac.

  • Quick start templates provide straight forward set up, editing of samples and data analysis.

  • 30 samples can be run at a single time with the addition of x1 positive and x1 negative control.

simple & fast

  • Fast heating and cooling is achieved by utilizing robust Peltier elements, whilst assay performance is supported further by a heated lid design. 

  • It can accommodate up to 32 reactions, using single 0.1 ml tubes or 8-strip tube format.


12 volt DC Input

For Included AC Power Adapter 

What makes the MyGo® Pro 
Real-Time PCR Instrument different?

The difference:

  • Compared to traditional units the MyGo® Pro is very small, fast and inexpensive.

  • Easy to use.

  • Automatic data interpretation - no expertise required.

  • Powerful software that is easily installed.

  • Straight forward setup and editing of samples/targets.


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