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Easy and Advanced Kits for qPCR

  • Broad detection profile: 100% homology with over 95% of the NCBI database reference sequences of all Monkeypox viral clades available at the time of design

  • Dynamic range of test. Can detect less than 100 copies of the target template

  • Advanced kit with open platform compatibility

  • Results available within 90 minutes

  • No cold chain shipping


12 volt DC Input

For Included AC Power Adapter 

What Types of Samples Work With These Kits?

The Monkeypox Easy and Advanced kits are designed for the quantitative and qualitative detection of the monkeypox genome from DNA extracted from human serum, lesion exudate, or scab samples from human/animal patients of all ages. Sample material suited for PCR amplification can be used. Please ensure the samples are suitable in terms of purity, concentration, and RNA/DNA integrity.

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