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How to Improve DNA Extraction

The extraction of high-quality DNA from samples is an important factor in research. This importance of high-quality, purified DNA cannot be underestimated. Some samples may not have an acceptable yield by conventional DNA extraction methods and the issue of scalability, purity, as well as yield can all have major effects on downstream applications.

Finding the best DNA extraction system to satisfy your application needs is of the utmost importance for the successful completion of experiments. Optimized techniques can increase productivity, so you can spend more time developing experiments and analyzing data. A variety of methods are available, and technological advances will improve your outcome regardless of your chosen method.

Sample quality always impacts your extraction. The starting quality of the sample can affect all of your downstream applications. Sample storage and preservation need to be carefully considered. Sample preparation can be key for producing high-quality data.

Samples that are challenging to work with may require trying several approaches before finding the optimal method. A new method may be more effective compared to conventional methods. Different sample types will require different protocols, but no matter what type of sample you use, improvements in extraction are available to help make your workflow more efficient.

It is also important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the time, labor and reagents involved when using different methods.

Automated extraction machines and easy to use pre-filled reagents is likely the best use of a laboratory team’s time and effort. The Maelstrom series automated extraction units use magnetic rods to collect and transfer magnetic beads and rotating spin tips efficiently mix the suspension. Unlike other techniques, our mixing technology controls the speed via the rotary apparatus to avoid liquid splashing during extraction. Purified nucleic acids can be obtained after cell lysis, nucleic acids absorption, wash and elution. Independent temperature control modules ensure the stability of purification performance. The system ensures high-quality DNA from samples plus improves yield in comparison to conventional methods. From 8 to 96 samples, your throughput will be covered. The unit is truly a walk-away solution, once you push start the machine does the rest. Pre-programmed protocols make experiments much easier, or you can customize your own. Our support team works closely with you with even the toughest protocols to ensure optimum results. Complete ready-to-use reagent kits make the process even easier with dozens available and custom kits available as well. While many may think it may be too expensive, our Return on Investment analysis often shows that you will actually save money in no time.

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