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520 PB Series Balances IP65 Protected – What Are The Benefits?

Our 520 Series Precision Balances has recently gained a new optional feature: IP65 protection. In the article we take a look at what the classification means, what the benefits are and which industries are best suited for this rating.

What Are The Benefits?

A rule of thumb says: The more protected the instrument, the more versatile the range of applications in different work environments. But what exactly does the IP protection protect against?

Electric devices, used in different environments require different amounts of protection against external influences. The grade of protection of the device casing is measured by the IP classification (Ingress Protection, sometimes also referred to International Protection) as defined in DIN EN 60529:2014-09. This classification allows a global understanding in which environment a device is able to perform without getting damaged.

What Does The Number Behind The IP Mean?

The protection class of a casing is being defined in the format IPXY.

The first place (X) indicates the protection against particles and can be defined with a number from 0 (not protected) to 6 (dust proof).

The second place (Y) is indicating the protection against water entering, and therewith damaging the instrument. The water protection classification is measured from 0 (not protected) to 9 (protected against high pressure and high temperature water beams).

Balance with water protection

The C, D, and G models of the 520 PB series are available with IP65 protection option. This means that the balance is dust proof and protected against water beams.

How Can The IP65 Protection Of The 520 PB Series Be Achieved?

The IP rating is depending on the number of mechanical components built into the balance casing protecting it. The 520 Series features a membrane around the weighing arm and two protection rings, preventing the water from entering the casing. Furthermore, the interface sockets are covered with a box to prevent water from entering. Usually, the IP protection features have an influence on the performance of a balance. Thanks to state-of-the-art development and design work, these influences have been avoided and the high precision and accuracy of the 520 balance is guaranteed also with IP65 protection.

In Which Industries Can The 520 PB Be Used Thanks To IP65 Protection?

The classic industry where IP65 protection is highly useful is food production. A high degree of hygiene is mandatory, and this involves regular cleaning of the balance. It is also of utmost importance that food particles cannot enter the balance due to contamination risk of further food batches. Other examples are the pharma and chemical industries where sample size can be very small and therefore, any residue of sample material can have an impact on the weighing result. Also cross contamination has to be avoided through thorough cleaning of the IP65 protected balance. Where dust is omnipresent, for example in the building material industry, the balance is protected from particle ingress. This prolongs the lifetime of the instrument so the customer can rely on its high performance for a long amount of time.

The 520 PB Series

Five high-quality mechanical membrane keys guarantee longevity and a tactile feel with clearly noticeable feedback to the user. The 520 PB is suitable for laboratories, the pharmaceutical, food, light and consumer goods industries as well as production or for pharmacies and jewelry. Wherever precise and demanding routine work is carried out on a regular basis, reliability and user-friendliness are key components.

520 PB Balance Series

State-of-the-art with an extensive range of applications such as counting, density, animal weighing etc. Including statistics, a wide range of languages, RS232 and USB interfaces, all current and future requirements are met. It has never been so easy to choose the right balance.

Discover the innovations of the 520 series. We look forward to inspiring you – as many users have been already.

For more information, please get in touch, and a member of our sales team will be delighted to help.

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