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What are the advantages of Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction?

Automated Extraction Machines

You can avoid the risks and errors of manual extraction by automating nucleic acid extraction to ensure greater consistency, reliability and better quality data. Plus, a lot less time and labor are required, which can help increase productivity.

Automation will streamline the extraction process. Consistent pipetting combined with an automated protocol will help complete accurate sample processing and increase the reproducibility of your results. You can avoid the repetitive strain of pipetting and avoid pain and fatigue. Less touches also equals less human error, and protocols can even be shared within and across laboratories. Plus, you can create your own protocols to align with your specific outcome and research needs. The process is also automatically recorded and stored electronically so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a step or detail.

There is no contamination to worry about without manual handling and the issue of external contamination. Avoiding contamination is a high priority, it is important to avoid it for accurate results. Maximize the purity and yield for each application and sample type, while also minimizing sample loss.

You can also process samples faster and more at a time to increase throughput for more efficient diagnostics, which also creates the opportunity to broaden your research. Plus, you can work on other things while the extraction is taking place because the machine will do the work for you. The Maelstrom automated extraction systems are complete walk-away systems so there is no stopping the units to complete any extra steps. Automation speeds up your workflow by removing manual steps and reducing the overall processing time. You should especially consider automation if your demand for sample collection and processing is high.

Automation is also more affordable than ever, saving on labor and materials and being able to complete other work makes automation even more practical. Get your ROI analysis and see how you see how you can reap the benefits of lab automation with a nucleic acid extraction system. Remove the guesswork from your lab automation investment decision. We provide systems to fit your throughput needs with a variety of reagent kits to fit your sample type. Contact us or request a quote today.



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