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How Do Hospitals Use UV Light?

The use of ultraviolet c (UVC) light is becoming more widely used for disinfecting rooms in healthcare facilities. Hospitals are using UVC light to decrease the transmission of “superbugs”, viruses and bacteria that can linger in patient rooms and cause new infections. Some germs can live in an environment so long that even after a patient has left and the room has been cleaned, the next patient could be potentially exposed. These types of infections are tough to treat so hospitals have introduced UVC light to combat this issue.

One of the most popular forms is the use of portable UVC systems. UVC light can bounce into hard to reach areas, anywhere the light touches is disinfected. The UVC light works by disrupting the DNA of the bacteria and viruses. When comparing different methods of disinfection including using quaternary ammonium followed by UV light, using chlorine bleach instead of quaternary ammonium and no UV light, and cleaning with bleach and UV light, the combination that was most effective was using quaternary ammonium followed by UV light. UVC works to fill the gaps that chemicals and wipes miss when disinfecting a room, which helps healthcare facilities to keep the best possible disinfection processes. UVC is used most widely in patient rooms and operation rooms, but it also works very well on keyboards, monitors and workstations on wheels, keeping surfaces that go from room to room disinfected as well.

Cleaning and disinfection is one of the most important aspects to patients, and utilizing a UVC system is a visible way of showing that the facility is committed to reducing infections. UVC light is one of many different methods that hospitals are adding to standard disinfecting procedures to decrease infection rates for pathogens and drug-resistant organisms. Hand-washing, personal protective equipment and even antibiotics can also help with reducing infection. UVC light is an environmentally friendly, effective and non-chemical way to prevent infection. This technology helps hospitals strengthen their cleaning system, boost safety and satisfaction of patients and limit the financial burden of extended patient stays.

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