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Easy and Affordable Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

automated extraction unit

There are many different options if you are looking for an easy automated extraction system and separately there are many options if you are looking for an affordable extraction method. However, there are not many options if you are looking for both an easy and affordable extraction system. The Maelstrom automated extraction systems offer both affordability as well as ease-of-use and there are a variety of options for your throughput needs and sample types.

The Maelstrom automated extraction systems use magnetic rods to collect and transfer magnetic beads while rotating spin tips efficiently mix the suspension. Unlike other techniques, the mixing technology controls the speed via a rotary apparatus to avoid liquid splashing during the extraction process. Purified nucleic acids can be obtained after cell lysis, nucleic acid absorption, wash and elution. The Maelstrom series enables less touches because once you push start, you're set for DNA/RNA extraction. There is no need to stop the automated extraction machine to complete extra steps or revisit during a run, it is fully automated. This makes the process simple, eliminates cross contamination and avoids errors. The walk away solution allows for more time to do other value-adding activities and increases the productivity of the lab. The systems improve efficiency while creating cost savings since lab personnel are now using their time more effectively. All components needed are included in the open system. The pre-filled reagent kits make the systems even easier and make it extremely easy to load the machine. There is no need to purchase extra plates, tip combs, beads and buffers because you get it all in the ready-to-use extraction kits, plus custom kits are also available. The Maelstrom series also requires no significant pre-treatments and is very easy to operate. Each machine comes with pre-programmed protocols with the option to also customize your own.

There are three different systems available, depending on your lab’s throughput needs. The Maelstrom 9610 accommodates up to 96 samples per run with a run time of only 15-60 minutes. The Maelstrom 4810 accommodates up to 48 samples per run and is perfect for medium throughput laboratories. The Maelstrom Switch 8 accommodates up to 16 samples per run and is a convenient solution designed with changeable gearboxes to process different volumes of samples.

These systems are not only going to save time and money, but they are unique and have clear advantages over other brands - including that they are faster and less hands on than the competitors. If you are unsure of how the systems will save you money, request a ROI analysis to be sure of how your lab can benefit from lab automation.


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